Developer Self-Service: The first step into Platform Engineering

Use Case: Developer Self-Service to create Accounts on AWS Cloud Infrastructure

If you want to gain an advantage, you often have to break with traditional business practices. This is where the concept of developer self-service comes into play, which is central to platform development. It’s not just an innovation, but a strategic approach that significantly speeds up your development cycle and drastically reduces the time to […]

Building a Platform Engineering Team: Skills, Structure, and Best Practices

A platform engineering team standing in front of a server

As technology advances, businesses are always looking for ways to improve their products and services. Recognizing this, the role of a platform engineering team becomes not just important, but transformative. This team isn’t crafting solutions for end customers; instead, their focus is internal, empowering developers within the organization. Their goal is clear: to catalyze the […]

Webinar Platform Engineering: AWS account setup with JSM

Webinar Platform Engineering

In our webinar “Platform Engineering – Build AWS Accounts in Just One Hour with JSM Cloud”, our DevOps ambassadors Chris and Ivan, along with Atlassian platform expert Marcin from BSH, introduced the transformative approach of platform engineering and how it is revolutionizing cloud infrastructure management for development teams. In our conversation, we discussed the concept […]

What is platform engineering?

What is Platform Engineering

IT teams, developers, department heads and CTOs need to ensure that applications and digital products are brought to market quickly, efficiently and securely and are always available. However, the conditions for this are often not in place. Compliance and security guidelines, as well as long and complicated processes, make it difficult for IT teams to […]